Friday, October 16, 2009

FOTD after i pass my driving

LTR (Tender Petal, Pink Kiss,Rose pearl -shimmer powder)Blusher timeNot very pink as i go for more natural lookFirst time trying out this lipstick
Crystal pink
This is the color,pretty?
My finish look.I havent remove my hair velcro..

Cosmetic i use:

Esprique Precious Dramatical Stay Base
Dr G. BB cream
Clinique loose powder

Estee Lauder blushers (1st and 2nd from left)

Bobbi Brown lip crayon in Posey
Estee lauder lipstick in crystal pink

Urban decay primer
Marjolica in green as base (cream texture)
M.A.C hello kitty collection in Too Dolly
E.L.F black eyeliner
Shu Uemura turquoise liner
Red earth (Esprit) white shimmery eyeliner
Loreal ultra volume mascara
Fauz lashes

Brown brow pencil from sasa


Aralka said...

I like your makeup.
Do you recommend me Hello Kitty MAC eye shadows? :) Because i am interested in them ^^

Vanilla said...

pink blush looks good on u !hehehe

Liang said...

Oooh hair Velcro! How cool!

Summer Darling said...

Hi aralka- i've reply u in your blog chat box :)

Thanks my dear vanilla,how are you?

Hi Liang- this hair velcro is really good..hold up the hair during makeup and i use it when i wash my face.its light weight :)

rae630 said...

Very pretty!!! I've been staying at my boyfriend's house all week! I'll find out what issue of the cath kidston catalogue/bag I have when I go home tomorrow! <3 Rina