Thursday, October 15, 2009

Review of the Estee lauder

I love love the Estee lauder Advanced night repair synchronized recovery complex..after using for 2 days, my pores at the cheek ( near to my nose) has obviously appear smaller and my cheek feel so soft and smooth.. i use to have patches of roughness, uneven cheeks due to dryness and ever since i apply twice-day and night (each time 2 drops on the entire face). It make my face so smooth and i was like wow.. this thing do work for me (miracle)... i promise that i will grab more of their skin care stuff coz i am eyeing on their "time zone" for eyes and their "Idealist ",a pore minimizing skin refinisher . Read more from the official website.

How this works:

  • helps repair the appearance of past damage, helps prevent future damage and deliver high level of hydration
How to apply?:
  • After washing your face
  • Apply toner
  • Apply the Estee Lauder night repair
  • Follow by your moisturizer.
How frequent?:
  • Once in the morning
  • Once at night
How much to apply?:
  • 2 tiny drops is enough to cover the whole face


Tracy said...

Woah, this sounds good... do monitor & review again. I will love something to minimize the size of pores at the cheek area.

twinsouls888 said...

Oooohhh I'm totally checkin' this out, tnx for the post girl!! ^_^

Sherry said...

yeah its nice to use, this big bottle cost RM290 here. how much is there?

Summer Darling said...

Hi sherry- i wrote in my previous post its SGD$130 :) Its so cheap over there? if they are selling RM290 then its about SGD$119.WOW!!

you are the most welcome twinsouls88

Hi tracy i will definately do another review after a period of time..d remind me if i've forgotten,hehee

Vanilla said...

oh no !
i seriously regret buying my skinfood line,now u have tried and prove that the price is worth it,i shud finish my skinfood asap or see if i can sell those !loll