Saturday, October 17, 2009

What sanitary pad do you use?

These are the sanitary pad that i use at night during heavy flow. Its so hugh and long (40.5cm) and (42 cm) that u wont get worry if it leaks and stain your pants or bed sheet. It allows me to sleep at ease :) this 42 cm pad is newly discover by my friend, she bought for me to try after i told her that i am using the 40.5cm. I used to see a HELLO KITTY sanitary pad in Korea during m holiday trip, seems really cute but i did not get them, even if i buy them doubt i will use them.So what type of sanitary pad are you using?


Aralka said...

Hello Kitty? Really?
Wow! It must be very cute!

Antonea said...

Haha Hello kitty

I don't use sanitary pad, i use tampons. No need to worry about leaking!

Tamara said...

Sweetie, you don't need THAT big pads, honestly you don't.
I'd suggest you to get one of the menstrual cups. They never leak, and you have to change them only once 12 hours..


evie said...

kotex! XD

KohLepe said...

Tampons only. Do they sell them in Sigapore? You sould try it out.