Saturday, September 5, 2009

What is your favorite candies?

See what a small pack they are :(My mintiesCute wrappersSee this hard rock candy
See the cute wrapper with comic

I love this candies like during my teenage years. It can't find it anywhere anymore until yesterday i went to the "Cold Storage" supermarket to browse those imported products and my eyes go "BLINK" when i saw minties!! They are back!!! Each pack cost around SGD$5.60,comes in a 150g. What i remember is they used to be in a bigger pack and cost about less than SGD$4. Maybe time change so do the prices.. Hahaha... Let me know if you guys love these sweets, for those who have access to it and those who is going to try it.. Its a very hard candy, melts in your mouth but beware it get stuck to your teeth when u chew it.. but still i love it.


♥ 珊珊 Kawaii Kuromi ♥ said...

ooo lols they look like an inbetween version of mint creams and mint rock candy lols.

My fave candy?...Jelly babies..:3

Shan x

amynaree said...

those look so yummy! i never heard of them before hehe

hmmm my favorite candy would probably have to be chocolate covered gummy bears haha

Sarah said...

Ahh I love minties!!! I am from Australia so I have consumed about a million of them in my life, haha. I did not know the rest of the world could not get them.

We get massive packs of them and they are not very expensive!

Kristin said...

Peanut M&Ms baby!

MEii said...

i never see them before but i'm sure my daddy would like to try it since its mint. lol

but my favorite candies have to be Meiji chocolate with the gummy thing inside. lol

Summer Darling said...

@ MEii- i love the meiji chocolate too with the jelly inside in strawberry flavor,i can finish it all by myself

Emma said...

Oreos, i'm so happy that we have them in the UK now :D