Thursday, September 3, 2009

My beauty regime (tagged by Shelly)

Garnier eye roll
My before makeup moisturizer
My twice a week facial scrub
My blackhead killer (once a week)
My daily toothpaste
I used this as my night moisturizer
Used to be my daily moisturizer
My morning moisturizer and twice a day toner
My daily facial wash
My sunday mask
i use this every sunday
I use this when my skin break out red patches
(these babies really works) much as i am excited to do this tagged but i am here stuck for like 30mins, i realize that i have too many things that i use. First i need to declare that i am not a one-product-kind of person, i buy whatever that attracts me. I am a try out new products kind of person so i change my daily products quite often. Here are some of the prdoucts i used frequently. Some of these used to be my twice a day skin care regime but due to too many products to finish. I alternate them accordingly. I don't know why i cant consistently use the product twice a day, i only used it when i feel like it or when i remember it, same goes to my medications, i never seems to follow strictly. What about you,are we the same kind?

Morning regime (frequently use)

1) Colgate or Ora toothpaste
2) Origin facial wash
3) Vichy toner
4) Vichy moisturizer
5) Rose moisturizer (if i am doing makeup)
6) Sk II toner and treatment (when i break out redness on my face)

Night Regime

1) Shu uemura cleansing oil (to remove all trace of makeup)
2) Origin Facial wash
3) Ora toothpaste
4) Dr G hydra intensive cream
5) Vichy toner
6)Garnier eye roll

Weekly Regime

1) Oxymask (once a week)
2) Melt and wash away (once a week on nose and chin only)
3) Cure scrub (twice a week)
4) Any mask that i can find in my container(once every 2 weeks)


funkiimonkee said...

YOu have such lovely skin! I have to try your stuff sometime especially the masks! Thanks for doing the tag!:))

amynaree said...

great routine.. i'm really curious to try products by SK II but they are so expensive over here

adin_22 said...

I really want to try that SK-II stuff....

Shopn'Chomp said...

I heart SK-II too! *^_^*

Emily said...

omg summer, u got such great stuff, really great skincare check out mine if u want :D (

oo and that garnier eye roller!! i wanted to buy it, but how is it?? is it good

have a great day summer

Kalmo said...

Great post! I love hearing what other bloggers use. The SK II stuff looks super nice.

Liang said...

Wow, you have sooo much awesome stuff! I'm jealous!

Summer Darling said...

Hi guys,thanks for viewing my beauty let me know what beauty regime u are using ok..i would like to view it too...

At Emily.i don't find that the garnier eye roll works,maybe i didnt use it constantly.

SkII quite pricey but it really works wonder at least to really brightens the complexion...and cure my redness the next morning when i apply it at night..i think its worth the investment