Saturday, September 5, 2009

How i spend my saturday

What a sad saturday..on my way to see DR :(Appointment slip given my counter staffDrs are not here yet
I tie up my hair with this cute hair tie, by Jennifer from Hawaii
See these cute little tooth brush holder
Another 6 designs

Open heart cuties ready to accept my tooth brushes
Total purchase for my cupboardMy 3 cute containers,i need more!! new cupboard is ready to be use

Hi dears, did you guys have a good weekend? Just wanted to share with you what i discovered and what i bought today (went shopping with hubby).. If you follow me long enough u realized i love colorful things, i don't like dull colors, u realize my clothings are bright color. The things i own are multi colors... As long as they are cute and in colors i LOVE THEM. Do you like what i bought today?`

I went Ikea and i love these DIY cupboards. i am lack of storage space recently and i need more cabinet for all my makeup and stuff and this is what i chose. Of course i get my stuff in each of the color they have in green, pink, blue and red (one each except the white). My dad,hubby and bro help to get all the things fixed up for me...tada..this is my new cupboard ,will start to tidy my stuff and fill it up real soon..

Love the toothbrush holders, my hubby bought 2, i choose the hippo in purple and he get the rino in blue.. a new house for our toothbrushes.

Today i went to the specialist clinic for an appointment to see a DR for my wrist at 8.30am (the DR did not come until about 10am, waste my sleeping time).. about few months back i realize there is a hard lump at the side of my wrist, the pain get worst and i can't even exert force like turning the key for the door, i can't hold my toothbrush without feeling the pulling pain.. so the DR suggest to give me a jab to see if it recovers, and if i don't then i might have to go for an operation... :( i hope it will recover fully with this jab..


Kalmo said...

Oh no Summer, I hope your wrist ends up healing or the doctors find a way to help you without surgery. :( Feel better soon!

amynaree said...

those brush holders are super cute :)

i hope you get better and recover fully soon!

Kell said...

ack.. i totally need to get to ikea. i have seen so many posts with cute and totally functional storage units from there featured in them. definitely would make my room much more organized!

hope your wrist feels better!

Yelena R. said...

Hope everything goes well and you fell better soon!

Valz said...

Hair colour is GORGEOUS!

kalai said...

aww hun~ hope theres nothing serious with your wrist and the pain wears off. xx

i hate it when i make an appointment and i have to wait.. whats the point in an appointment if i have to wait so long.

btw i love the tootbrush holders^^ i really want one. but i've not seen them where i live =__= xx

Summer Darling said...

Thanks my dear ladies who drop me comments,thanks for the guys are too too sweet..i do hope my wrist can recover without operation too. :)

*~kAy~* said...

aw sorry to hear about your wrist :( hope it gets better soon :(
at least you got your colorful new cupboard and cute toothbrush holder to cheer you up :)

funkiimonkee said...

Oh no! Hope your wrist gets better! I get pin too but thats from me working at the restaurant. Take care of your wrist:)

ANGiEBABYY. ♥ said...

Hi Summer. First of all, I love your name. It's so cute. :) Anyway I love your hair tie with the yellow flower. Thanks for following me.

Pop Champagne said...

I like colorful things as well! And the hair tie does look adorable. Hope your wrist gets better :)

pinkberri said...

Awe your hair tie is so cute! I have one in purple, but I like your yellow better. Trade? Hahah.

Hope you get well soon dear!

Summer Darling said...

Thanks for the well wishes..its not painful anymore i hope the pain doesn't come back again.