Monday, September 7, 2009

Finally!! My things are well organized

Know what is this?
Ryan the statue of Japanese sweet potato libertyI realize everything is pink in my purseMy 4 drawers all filled upMy piggy family settling themself in my Anna Sui look alike tray
They are cute isn't it? They are from Rina
My first drawer
All my cosmetics
My 2nd drawer
All my skin care products and contact lens
My 3rd drawers
My hair care/styling products & nail polishes (in the box)
All my perfumes

Before i present u my well organized drawers, would like to show u some random photos... my hubby who is the statue of Japanese sweet potato liberty. He loves it... Wanna make a guess how old he is? Clue?? He is older than me.. make a guess...LOL

And yesterday i went out and suddenly realize that everything i had in my purse is pink including my camera. Coincidence!

I am so proud to introduce to you guys my tidy compartment of cosmetics and other stuff like skin care, hair care, nail care, perfume. The shelves inside the red door are empty coz i haven't store anything inside yet..


Kalmo said...

Wow! So nice and organized!

rae630 said...

yummm! sweet potato! Love your storage! I need to organize my things. yay piggie family!!! i love your "anna sui" storage. <3 Rina

JordanMayTwigs said...

OH MY GOD!!!!!
I've been looking for one FOREVER!!

Peace Love && Lipstick

Summer Darling said...

It can be found easily over here..its not really anna sui but it just looks like it,i love the black mystery look they have.LOL...they have mirrors,combs,trays,brush holders..

JordanMayTwigs said...

I have the vanity mirror,
And hand held mirror from Singapore.
[[ A girl on Swapped me for them. ]]

But I would like the Brush Holder,
And Vanity Tray also!!

How much are they there?!?!?

And would you be able to pick them up for me and I'll send you a VERY EXTRA AWESOME package?!?!?!

Let me know!!!!

Peace Love && Lipstick

Anonymous said...

oh nice!! i need to get organized too! things are starting to pile up everywhere! :P

Summer Darling said...

Hi JordanMayTwigs-i've send a comment under your latest post...i will help u find out the cost of these 2 babies.(i bought them like a year ago).please email me at

♥ 珊珊 Kawaii Kuromi ♥ said...

haha wish i was that organised. my make up is currently a big mass of mess lols
Shan x

adin_22 said...

wow....nice organizer....omg, where did u get that anna sui look alike tray? love that!!

kalai said...

wow.. i love it.. i want something like that too.. but have no room for it~__~ i currently use one of the book shelves in my giant bookcase for my cosmetics and they always fall off =( maybe i can get a smaller version of what you have^^ xx

Gel Nails said...

Thank you. I like your content. Very nice

Kaylee said...

Wow so many stuff XD i only have one drawer that is filled up -.-