Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Paul and Joe handphone pouch?

I regret buying this magazine (ELLE HONG KONG VERSION) which cost me sgd$12.84. The moment i saw Paul and Joe i went crazy becauze this magazine comes with free handphone pouch . So i bought it to realize my iphone cannot be fitted in, my camera cant fit in too. i am selling this off to anyone who can make use of this pouch from singapore so i can pass you the magazine and pouch, magazine is new, still in wrapper). Those who are from oversea i am afraid to sell them to you guys because the magazine is heavy and will add cost to your postage therefore i find it unfair to you guys,unless you've got other suggestions.
**oopss..sorry!! offer taken**


♥bebesally said...

i regreted buy ceci korean magazine.. i think it was $25. and realize i can dl mag scans on the computer when i searched. ><"

Marylynn said...

just a cuuute pouch (:

Summer Darling said...

Haha...there are so many mag scan available,sometimes its just the free gifts that make me go gaga over it..but i must agree that japan magazine are really good at giving out free items with magazines and some are worth the money..

Elphaba said...

great pics!!!

Anonymous said...

That's a cute Paul and Joe pouch. Too bad it didn't fit... =/

Emily said...

omg so pretty!!! oo and i realy like her (i forgot her name tho.....the girl on the cover)

shes so talented

great free gift its purtty!!!

haha awesome elle in hk so intersting

Sherry said...

lol.. I cant find your email :(

mind tell me if BOTH your mag with the bag is in USD or SG dollar?

sherrygo at hotmail dot com