Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Evil summer is back! HEHEHE...

Hot plate tofu
Superdog fast food restaurant
Lontong (top),mee rebus bottom(pronouces as "mee roo boost")
Desserts (cendol and ice kacang)
Korean noodle
Korean BBQ
Taiwan braised claypot rice with salted chicken cubes
Bubble fruit tea
Bubble wheat milk tea
The evil Summer

Summer withhold her craving to post up food for too long, so once again here i am posting on FOOD to make you guys hungry (Didn't i warn you? Evil summer is back?)..LOL.. I just find that its more easier to post up picture of food coz we have to eat everyday and why not share what we have for our meals today.. its not like i buy cosmetics and skin care everyday (how i wish i can in fact), when i have drawers and drawers of it that i can't finish for this lifetime (and cosmetics have expiry dates, if not you might catch me wearing blue, green eyeshadow when i reach 70 years old, still trying hard to finish what i own..haha..the thought of it gives me nightmare, imagine summer has smokey eyes over her sag wrinkle eyelid..LMAO) .. Wonder when can i hit the pan of my cosmetics (but i still crave for more stuff from all over the world...woman are born such a shopaholic..don't you agree?)


Anonymous said...

I love food post! They make me hungry while sitting at work on an empty stomach, but I still love it hehe...

♥ 珊珊 Kawaii Kuromi ♥ said...

Looking v pretty.
Yep women are born for many things and one things is to love and enjoy shopping lols..

amynaree said...

everything looks so yummy!

*~kAy~* said...

hahah! you are so right! :P i needa finish what i got so far first :)
you always got nice food pics :) seems like every day is a feast! :P

Liang said...

YUMMY! It's past dinner time here and I have yet to eat, you are evil because I'm about to slobber!! haha

Emily said...

omg the desserts looks so good

and summer, u r so gorgeous, luv your gorgeous eyes!

Anonymous said...

huhuhuhuhu yumyum**

drooling to ur post again summer hehehe

Kalmo said...

Oh my gosh, you have the best food posts! I'm drooling over all the yummy meals, drinks, and sweets! XD

May said...

Yummy! I luv food porn pics:]