Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My holder and trays

Underneath my tray
Align CenterUnder neath my brush holder
One side with butterfly print
Another side with ribbon print
Size of the tray
Look of the holder

Hi dears. I've been getting some comments and emails asking regarding the anna sui look alike tray and holders. I bought the tray for (surprisingly the price tag is still underneath my tray and holder, LOL) SGD$22.95 and the brush holder for SGD$12.95 ( i got these like a year so not sure if they decrease or increase the prices now). So if anyone wants me to help them purchase the same one in the store. Email me at summerleaf13@hotmail.com :) As much as i would like to do a swap and i just can't at this moment (saving up my birthday gift this coming november). So So SORRY but i would love to help u guys go out and purchase them and send them off to you (with receipt). Thats a little something i can do for you to make you happy:)


Maria FS said...

those are so cute.

MEii said...

cute! especially the holder!

Jackie said...

totally adorable!

Jackie said...
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Kalmo said...

Cute stuff!