Sunday, July 19, 2009

Whats in my big makeup pouch?

Magical bright eye (sorry for the dirty package)
My sunscreen and BB cream
My hair styling wax and eyelashes
Some common eyelashes i uses
My blusher
My assorted eyliners
Align CenterMy lip gloss and balm
My eye glue
My lipstick
My mascaras

I know some of you are interested in whats in my big makeup pouch. This pouch mostly contain the frequent used products. There are another 2 containers that contains my seldom used items which is not showed here.


Emily said...

wow u have soooooooo much things, your makeup pouch must really be super duper big !:]

Sofie said...

Wooow! You have alot of cosmetics! This is more than that my whole collection is haha!

DarlingSummer said...

Hi Emily!
I took a picture of my makeup pouch in the previous few blog entry..hope you can see them to the previous one i own,this current one is big.LOL..

Hi Sofia!!
I just buy my things without thinking.impulsive buying i should say ...hahaha

Hope you 2 girls have a wonderful weekend

Zoe said...

Wow..u have lots of pretty and nice stuff^^

rae630 said...

thanks for sharing! i always like to see what other people have! <3