Sunday, July 19, 2009

Interested in driving?

My driving bookletMy PDL (provisional driving licence)The lessons i attended for theory paper
Top for BTT,bottom for FTT
Subject 1 to 6 (stage 1)Subject 7 to 11Subject 12 to 13 (Stage 1 completed)Subject 14 to 19 (Start of stage 2)Subject 20 to 23
Subject 24 to 25 (stage 2 completed)
Subject 26 to 29 (start of stage 3)
Sorry i miss out picture on lesson 30
Subject 31 to 33 (stage 4,end of all subject)
So far the lesson I've attended,currently now on subject 19

To some dears that ask me how the driving system runs over here in Singapore. Here some photos of the booklet for your understanding too.
Over here, u must be at least 18 years of age in order to get a driving licence. before u book anything ,remember to choose the type of car u are learning, auto mode or manual mode (if you choose manual u can drive auto & manual if you pass you licence) but if you choose auto mode in future u can only drive auto car.. So my advice is take manual if possible so that in future u can drive both which include sports car)Each driving lesson is 2 hours, cost range from SGD$70+ to $80+ (depends on peak and non peak hours). u may require to book a practical test date but slots may varies between 2 to 4 weeks waiting time, therefore lots of people here try to book at least 20 to 25 slots at one go (minimum requirement to complete 33 subjects and also depending on whether u are a fast learner or slow learner). If you cant attend any of the time slots that u booked, u can always sell it off as "trysell". As for me i like to buy from trysell. LOL

Driving is fun but of course depending on the instructors too. We get different instructor most of the time unless u book a fixed instructor which cost u another $8 per lesson. Since i am now on the road, i feel the satisfaction of driving, imagine myself driving out to the shopping mall or bringing MOMO (my dog) out to the beach,yahoo.. Can't wait to pass ASAP.

Steps of getting a license: or u can read more HERE
Rem to choose they type of car u intend to take up: MANUAL OR AUTO
1) To pass a basic theory paper =BTT (highway code)
2) To pass a final theory paper =FTT
3) Get a PDL (Provisional driving licence) valid for 6 months
4) Enrol in driving lessons and finished the 33 subjects requirements
5) Learn all the test routes
6) Book for practical driving test


Emily said...

thanks ...this is really interesting, its quite different from california :D

sizbelle not my real name... said...

summer, thanks for the info, i'm having my final theory in Aug wish me luck hope i can pass soon ...

Dana Yoshimizu said...

thanks for all of the info! I didn't know that you had to wait until you're 18 to drive, it's so different from in the states.

Shopn'Chomp said...

Good luck! :)

DarlingSummer said...

Thanks Shopn'Chomp!

Hi Dana:yep its different from most places

rae630 said...

oh my! i'm overwhelmed!