Monday, July 20, 2009

Hello kitty in H&M

Omg!! how i really wish we have H&M, Primark here.. I love the cheap cheap clothes but WITH STYLE!! I think the nearest we have is in Hong Kong... shall find one day to fly over to have a shopping spree there... guess what i discover? Hello kitty stuff in H&M, i remember buying a body spray and a glittering eyeliner in black and white, both with hello kitty on it... now i discover the new series...i want it (everything except the mirror) !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Worst part is they don't even have online shopping :( i love love their clothes and i miss shopping there.. I am gonna plan for London trip soon.

All i want is these:
See what i discover
Hello kitty lip balm(pink and blue)

H&M eye shadow in 4 tones of blue
H&M nail polish in pink (all eyes on me)
H&M nail polish in purple (goddess on stage)
H&M eye shadow (lidschattten

Let me know they smell, review if you have them, and not forgetting to let you know I ENVY YOU TO THE CORE!!


Zoe said...

Soooooooooo cute,I used to be in love with Kitty when I was very young^^

Dana Yoshimizu said...

Oh thanks for letting us know, I will be making a trip to H&M next time I'm at the mall

aniiita89 said...

soo cute :) i just got the hello kitty lipstick in the MAC collection. i would definitely check this out at h&m ^_^

DarlingSummer said...


rae630 said...

hmm, i need to go see if we have this at our H&Ms. i wonder what the quality is like.

Kaylee said...

My friend has the eyeshadow palette and it's pretty nice