Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My 2nd surprise package

My 2nd surprise pacel from JENNIFER..Love love it
I am so happy to see it inside my letter box
Tada..my love letter..Jennifer u are soooo sweet
Thanks for the sweet sweet notes honey!!See these goodies
Amazing stuffs
My first LUSH soaps and my first ELF blusherJennifer's DIY mirror..thank you honey.i love it
This will the mirror i bring out with me
I can't wait to use it
Loving these babies..
The soap bar smells so nice!!

See what i got in my letter box today!!!!! Its a parcel from Jennifer all the way from Hawaii...awwww, girl u are soo sweet. U don't have to send me anything seriously, and i am so so so so happy when i see its from you... And your letter is so so cute... U have a super duper neat handwriting that i feel ashamed of mine.. LOL.. Thanks for the super duper sweet LUSH soaps you got me,they smell heavenly. U are right, over here in Singapore we do not have LUSH stores, therefore miss out on lots of good things you guys can get..thanks for the blushers..i have always wanted to try the bronzer and now i have the first one from u.. I can't express how happy i am right now... I am also glad to know you. Thats what i call fated to be friends even though we are living miles away from each other. I am grateful to make wonderful friends here in blogger and to learn more things here too.. Stay in touch ok?! really glad to have u as friend.. A big Thank You to you *hugs and kisses*

Things she got me:
* DIY mirror
* Mauna Loa Macadamia milk chocolate bar
* Starburst fruit chews
* LUSH Sexy peel soap
* LUSH Sandstone soap
* Facial cleanser called "Dark angel"
* E.L.F blusher and bronzer


Dana Yoshimizu said...

Wow what a nice love package!! :D

Emily said...

aww....so cute stuff and Jennifer diy mirror is just gorgeous :]

jennifer said...

I am so glad you got it! The two plastic wrapped things in the yellow bag are actually bath bombs. I am not sure if I mentioned that, one is called Ickle Angel and the other is Ickle Devil. I thought they were so cute! If you ever want anything from Lush, you can just ask! I tried my best to write as neat as I could because YOUR handwriting is SO PERFECT!

DarlingSummer said...

Jennifer! u are so so sweet darling!! Thank you so so much for the offer...Hope i can visit Hawaii one day of course to meet u up.. :)i love everything you send me.


mercurylady said...

Aww...cute package. I love the mirror. IT's sooo pretty and cute! And yaya for LUSH!

Zoe said...

The mirror is sooooo pretty..I am fond of mirrors^^;Sucha a cute package~

rae630 said...

yay! surprise love packages!!