Saturday, July 18, 2009

Latest review

My first Sephora lipstick,last on the rackSorry for the blur pictureGlamour G01
Swatch of the lipstickPinkish nude
Bourjois ultra black mascara
My bare eyelashes
This makes my eyelash look visible

Just wanna do a review on a mascara i've used recently and a sephora lipstick that i've far loving both..will do more mascara review soon.


Zoe said...

I love ur lipstick color looks soooooo pretty also the mascara, I heard that it's one of the best mascaras...too bad we don't have them here ^^;

DarlingSummer said...

Really?!! But i love the boots items and we don't have it here too..haha.. i guess we can't have the best of both world...if you come over i will bring you for shopping trip and not forgetting food feast.

rae630 said...

i like the lipstick color! does the mascara smudge?