Thursday, July 9, 2009

Surprise !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(The SingPost delivery slip on my door)
(Here comes Mr postman with my surprise)(I heart it so much)(Tada....)(A peep inside)(Sorry for my teary eyes, i'm touched by the letter)(See the cute stuff she send me,isn't she sweet??)(My happy piggie family in Singapore now)
Ryan my hubby in blue,me in pink and the little one is momo (They are my babies now)(Kiss kiss them)(I just love sweets,thanks all these RINA!!)
(Don't u love them??)
(Super sweet Sephora gifts from Rina)

Guess what happen today??? When i come back from lunch, i saw a SingPost delivery advice slip on my door, so i decided to go head down to the post office after a bath. I was alarmed by a door bell, saw a postman outside my door holding a parcel... I thought maybe the package from Suzi was finally here as it has been lost for more than 3 weeks but NO!!!!!!! It was from RINA , A SURPRISE PARCEL!!! I was so touched when i am reading the note from her till i cry... Rina do you know that u are the 2nd person in my whole entire 20+ years that make me soooo touched that i cry ??? The 1st person is my hubby that surprise me one day at 5am waiting at my door step just to bring me to hospital for my school attachment and now you... I know i am a cry baby and a weak heart for surprises and i can only say "RINA!!! I LOVE YOU!!!". If i am staying near you, i swear that i will run over to give u a big big hug.... I really love the things you send me... the piggie family is officially migrate over to Singapore, they are now Singaporean.. hahaha.. I really love them. My hubby and i find that your handwriting is so nice... He say i am so lucky to have friend like you especially when we are so far apart. I am really grateful to know you RINA, if you decided to come over for holiday, let me know.. I will bring you around for feast and shopping.

Rina got me:
1) Limited Edition Sephora by OPI in Mermaid To Order SE 279
Limited Edition Sephora by OPI in Water Baby SE 277
Limited Edition Sephora by OPI in Underwater Fantasy SE 281
4) Sephora ultra-shine lip gloss in 27
5) Sephora colorful palette in Pretty Baby 03
6) Life Savers gummies 5 flavors->cherry, watermelon, green apple, blackberry and strawberry
Life Savers gummies wild berries->cherry berry, strawberry, red raspberry, black raspberry, white grape, blackberry
8) 4 packs of Skittles in wild berry, original fruit, sour and tropical.


rae630 said...

YAY! you got them!!! hahaha!!! i've been DYING to tell you! but i wanted to surprise you!!! i wanted to send u some makeup that maybe you can't get in singapore. i think u said on a post that u don't have sephora, so i thought to send some sephora to u! i made those piggies just for you!! when u said u liked my piggie family from my previous post I WANTED TO TELL U THEY'RE FOR U! I had to bite my tongue this whole time! hahahaha! ahhh! all my piggies have homes now!! i'm so happy! i'm so happy to have met u! <3

DarlingSummer said...

AHHHHH RINA!! I really love the surprise u gave me,even make me cry reading your love notes!! Those piggies are gorgeous even my hubby keep telling me they are so cute,and i am lucky to know you...i love them so much that i take lots of pictures with them..thanks for the sweets too! AWW... u make me felt so bad for you to spend so much on me
we have sephora here,just that the one and only store is miserably small and there are lots of their products that is not available here.not to mention other brands like Nars,urban decay and stuff..I even heard from my friend that M.A.C are so much cheaper in US than over in Singapore,u are lucky to stay in US.I know i cant thank you enough.Please please do let me know what you would like to have from here,just name it..i will get it for you as your birthday gift!!

Dana Yoshimizu said...

WOW, what awesome stuffs you got!!! :D Gosh that's just so nice of her. I LOVE how cute her little piggies are~! Rina's just so geneous

eki said...

waa what a surprise hun!! I was so surprised too when she sent me a package and I was so touched as well T_T she is super sweet!! we are lucky to be friends with her <3 :D

Kasia_Infamous said...

Piggie family is super cute!!!!!

DarlingSummer said...

Yah we are super super lucky to have friend like her...a girl with a super big heart....