Saturday, July 11, 2009

My new nail color

Align Center(Nice color and i am loving it)(Yellow month taken last night in my kitchen)(My Hello Kitty egg)
(Breakfast for today,done by Ryan my hubby)

Hi guys!! Just wanna show you my new nail color given by sweetie Rina, its underwater fantasy by OPI from Sephora.. I love love the blue, Oh did i mention that my favorite color is blue, green, pink and purple. I just can't wait to try paint them and finally i manage to do so like 5 hours ago..THANK YOU RINA!!!!

Some random post as well, i saw a moth in yellow this time round standing on my kitchen cabinet last night.. quite a nice color right?

And the burger is prepared by my hubby this morning before going to work, he specially cook the egg using the small hello kitty pan, so cute!!! Not forgetting to flush it down with a big glass of milk.


funkiimonkee said...

Your partner is so thoughtful! The HK egg just tops it off! Love your blog, you're so cute!

Kasia_Infamous said...

I love blue nail polishes, I have a few myself in different shades. Love yours too!
That's super nice of your husband for preparing you HK egg ;)

DarlingSummer said...

@ Hi funkiimonkee,
Thanks so much for your compliment dear!

@Hi Kasia_Infamous,
Thanks dear!!!

Dana Yoshimizu said...

OMG, that Hello Kitty egg is so cute! I really don't like eating eggs, idk why, just I don't - but seeing that HK egg makes me want to try eggs. lol

rae630 said...

glad you like the nail polish!!! ryan is soooo sweet! hello kitty egg!!!

Emily said...

hello kitty egg! that is too cute to eat >.< (cool nail color , that blue is really pretty)