Thursday, July 9, 2009

Purchases for the past few weeks

(My new 3 eye shadows)
(Coffret D'or 3D lighting eyes in 03)
(Mention in my previous post)

(Lunasol Sheer Contrast Eyes in coral green 04)
(From FCUK)
(Paul and Joe Eye color palette I in 002)
(Lunasol Sheer Contrast Eyes in Green Coral 04)
(Total purchases including 2 Bikenstocks and a pink container stool)
(Stila nude lip color in Darling)(Swatch of the Stila lip color)
(Stila eye shadow in Orchid SOG7-03)(Swatch of the eye shadow)
(My dress from Island shop,suitable for beach wear)
(Total purchases, 2 La Senza bras and eye glue)
(From FCUK)
(Simple black dress from FCUK)
(See the compartment in my new makeup carrier,comes with a big mirror)
(Upgrading done from the red one on the right to the big one on the left)
(My current nail color)

Think its time to show you guys what I've bought recently. Sorry that i have not been updating much due to my "nearly everyday" driving lesson. Its never too late i guess... Enjoy!!!


Kasia_Infamous said...

I love those make up bags...both of them. Im looking for some nice one.
The smaller one has a cute zipper.

rae630 said...

makeup bag is getting bigger!! heehee! <3

mercurylady said...

Love the Lunasol palettes!!!

Tracy said...

I like the coral green palette!
And bigger makeup bag... hee :)

DarlingSummer said...

Thanks girls...

mysinfulcollection said...

summer, i saw raves about the lunasol palette, are they really nice, luv to get one..

Sofie said...

Awsome stuffs you got! I love the stila lip colour! Looks beautiful!