Sunday, June 14, 2009

Recipe of a famous dish in Singapore

(U will get to cook this today)

A local delicacy called CEREAL PRAWNS, well like by Singaporeans here, i hope you guys like it. Try it, its delicious!!

Ingredient to prepare:

1) About 600 gms of prawns

2) Sugar (about 2 to 3 tablespoons)

3) Cereal (use Nestum brand,u can use other available brand)

4) Butter 1/2 slab

5) Milk powder(i use NESPRAY,u can use available brand that u have) about 50gm

6) 2 toothpicks to remove the dirt from the spine of the prawns

7) Good brand of oil (i use canola oil)

8) Corn flour 200 gm

9) Chilli padi (3 pieces)

10) Curry leaves of laska leaves about 6 TO 8 pieces

11) 2 eggs

Let's start:

1) Clean the prawns,leave the shell,use the toothpicks to prick at the mid spine of the prawns to remove the dirt and cut off the feelers

2) Whisk the eggs in a bowl

3) Mix the corn flour and milk powder together in a plate

4) Heat the oil in wok

5) Dip the prawns in the egg and coat with flour(mixture of milk powder and corn flour)

6) Deep fried all the prawns and leave aside

7) Clear the wok and melt the butter,add curry leaves,and chilli padi,fried till aroma

8) Pour in the cereal and add sugar, stir well

9) Pour in the prawns and stir well.

10) Serve on a plate,and wallah time to dig in!!!!!

Enjoy my new discover cereal prawns!!! *winks*


rae630 said...

I wish I could cook. hahahaha! I'm terrible!! Maybe I'll ask my mom to try this recipe! hhahaha.

DarlingSummer said...

Very nice dish! Try it.i cook for all my friends and they love it.