Sunday, June 14, 2009

A day in Disneyland Paris

(I want to be Stitch too)
(I'm the ice queen)
(can see me?)

(Didn't know that the water fall look so nice in picture)
(Night castle view)
(I don't wanna go back)
(My goofy hubby,ryan)
(I just got an award for "Super Wife")
(Even the plant look cute there)
(How can i miss giving Mickey mouse a hug?)
(Donald duck and me)
(Let me give u a ride home)
(Indiana jones)
(So cold that the surface turn into ice)
(Yeh,this camera shy guy finally agree to take photo together)
(How can i not love this Ratatouille?)
(Bon appetit)
(Our lunch)
(I'm bringing you back to Singapore with me)
(They still have the Christmas deco here)
(Pretend to fly with the umbrella)
(Chicken little and me)
(I prefer the green one hiding behind)
(Thanks for holding my hand)
(I am a big fat baby,push me to the mall,LOL)
(So happy to be here)
(i love this kitty cap)

(The main station to Disneyland)

Our honeymoon include a trip to Disneyland,my first time to disneyland. Some pictures to share my joy with you guys. It is so cold that i have to wear gloves to keep warm, at night i have to cover my whole face with my pathetic thin scarf..the surface of the pond turns to ice, see how cold it is. But i still love winter.


rae630 said...

So nice!!!! Around Christmas time they put fake snow on Main Street here in Southern California Disneyland. heehee. I like the Mary Poppins umbrella.

DarlingSummer said...

I would love to visit the one in Califonia someday...