Sunday, June 14, 2009


(Night view)
(Resting after long walk)
(I like this!)

(Little gift from hubby)
(Moulin Rouge)
(LV headquarter in Paris)
(I love winter)
(One of the biggest shopping mall)
(In love with crepes,fanta orange)
(I send myself a post card using the post office in Effiel Tower)
(Self taken pictures of us)
(The Lourve)
(Top view from Effiel Tower)
(Tickets for the Tube)
(Ticket up to Eiffel Tower)
(I love QUICK Resturant )
(France Macdonald,so different from what we have in Singapore)
(Night view,with flicking light every hour)
(Paris opera house)
(Paris La Grande Roue,Paris ferris wheel)
(Notre Dame de Paris)
  • (Filling up our stomach quickly for more sightseeing and shopping)
(Beautiful morning view of Eiffel Tower)

(Sun too bright till can't see my hubby's eyes)

(checking out my camera to see how the photos turn out)
(Beautiful roses in front of hotel)

A surprise honeymoon i should say, because its school holidays and i cant seems to book any flight tickets to New York and those that are available is sooo expensive therefore i called my hubby to tell him that i am super disappointed coz we cant go for honeymoon (at that point of time he is in India for working trip), dream place for counting down to 2008. The day he came back to Singapore, he call me and ask where am i and whether am i a good girl while he is away, the sulking me refused to talk to him. Suddenly he ask one question that make my eyes widen..the question is "have you pack your luggage?" thats the time where he give me rubbish answer like, we are going to Malaysia, make me hopping mad till wanna hit him..LOL. and he told me even thou we can't go New York but we are going to .....PARIS! Me jumping with joy and start packing my luggage coz we are flying off in 2 days time. Thats how we ended going to Paris and my last minute added destination BARCELONA!


e. said...

:D man your hubby seems to be full of surprises! (good ones of course) haha luck you! :) so jealous :P

i love the picture of you "stepping" on that pyramid thingie LOL so funny and cute.

Thanks for sharing with us!!
p.s. not related to this post but i am SO jealous of your pink kitchen. lol


DarlingSummer said...

Hi emmy, and my hubby is good at taking such photo taking..we have nothing better to do..hahaha..Thanks for the compliment regarding my hubby and kitchen,your reading od my blog is great appreciated..leave me more comments and chit chat in my c box yah..


Tamara said...

Lovely pictures it seems like you had LOTS of fun! ^^

I tagged you, heheh...

rae630 said...

Your husband is so sweet and romantic!!!