Sunday, June 14, 2009

Our Sweet Wedding in 2007

( we decided on these for our wedding day,buffet style)
(My wedding place,this is without decoration)
(We had pots of pastel pink and purple roses on every table, romantic!)
(Where guest take their seats)
(My surprise bouquet from hubby during the wedding)
(He surprise me with a song without me knowing that he spend a month practicing)
(Our own actual car,we want our car to be part of our wedding memory)
(Our wedding band tied with pink ribbon on my TY mouse in cage)
(Post wedding photos,see how red my hubby face is after drinking)
(Cheers to all the guest for attending our wedding)
(My love it to death designed wedding cake- rich dark chocolate cake)
(The moment my dad hand me to my hubby)
(My evening gown in gold)
(My guest while waiting for me to come down from stairs)
(For me traditional tea ceromony to our elderly)
(My reception with my 2 buddies)
(Tea ceremony for my parents)
(The place where we exchange our vows in the garden)
(My friends beauty up my grandma)
(Shots before our wedding started)
("Welcome to our wedding pose")

(Gown put up by my friend behind,love this picture the most)

Sorry if i've bored you with all these photos, for those who wish to see my wedding photos,here it is!! Sorry that i can't find the photos of my candy/dessert buffet bar of my wedding day. I am wearing total of 4 gowns on my actual wedding. One white gown, one Chinese red traditional gown, one pink with blue embroidery made to measure (hand sew) chong sum, and evening gown in gold.

This is the man that i exchange my vows with on 16th December 2007. Know him since 2001 June and we have been dated since then, he is my first boyfriend and did i mention that we know each other from the internet via email? Ryan is a caring man with no temper, give in to me about almost everything, never turn down my wish and even make it happen for me, the person who introduce me to brands and bought me my first branded bag (now he regret,LOL!) and give me a diamond ring for proposal to be his gf (as well as my 21st birthday present). He is older than me by 8 years therefore he really takes good care of me. He did tons of things and surprises till touched me to the core and i can say i trust this man to be my hubby for the rest of my life. Oh ,and yes he did something so sweet on our wedding, that is he sing me a song in front of the crowd (trust me ,he is someone that never sing and doesn't know how to sing) and while singing,he surprise me with a big bouquet of 99 roses in my favourite color). Happily married now in our own cozy house, what can a woman ask for?! I bet you woman out there is deeply in love with your man and i believe that you will be as blissful as me.


Kaylee said...

wow that's very nice !! I wish my wedding will be as beautiful as yours...but I have to wait a little bit more before marriage :D hehe, still want to enjoy my "young life."

rae630 said...

AWWWW!!! Summer! I love it!! You guys look so happy!!! Everything looks perfect! I wish you guys a lifetime of love and happiness!!! Thank you so much for sharing!

DarlingSummer said...

Thanks love,
Hope you guys love it,me hoping you see you guys wedding photos in the near future too..i will be waiting!!


Sassy Jadore said...

Beautiful wedding photos! You and your husband both look really good together and happy.=)

DarlingSummer said...


e. said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures! I loveeee the place you guys exchanged vows at! The garden looks so peaceful and beautiful! And of course you look gorgeous :D

I'm so glad you and your hubby is happily married :D and AWW to how he surprised you with a song!! So sweet :)

DarlingSummer said...

Think my hubby will be in cloud 9 if he hears you girls say he is sweet...hahaha..the more he will say he is handsome.*puke*.hahahaha