Saturday, June 13, 2009

My wedding album photos

(At one fullerton hotel)
(Chinese traditonal wedding costume)
(Taken at my wedding venue)
(Taken in Sentosa,one of the tourist attraction)
(Taken in Sentosa)
(Taken at my wedding venue, One Rochester)
(Taken in Bridal Studio)

(Taken in Bridal Studio)
(Taken in Bridal Studio)
( Our wedding band)
(Our E-Invite)

These are my Wedding photos for the album. Not sure if you guys wanna see my actual day and venues photos as well. Let me know. *Blushing* to show these photos..hahaha


KawaiiFallenStar said...

wah so cute.. So many pretty pics.
Love the rings. :D
You and ur husband look amazing :D so cute together.
Thanks for sharing.
Keep blogging.
Shan x

DarlingSummer said...

Hi Shan,

Will be uploading my wedding venue,door gift,car,food etc. Need time to edit the size of those photos because they are too big to be uploaded.But will definately be posting up.Thanks for reading my blog dear!

Summer :)

rae630 said...

Those are really nice photos! U look so pretty! Can't wait to see more! Thanks for sharing!

e. said...

Aww! Your wedding photos are gorgeous! You and your husband looks so cute together! I cant wait to see pictures of your actual wedding day! Thanks for sharing :)

DarlingSummer said...

Thanks Rina and e.,

Will be uploading more!!


Kaylee said...

Nice pictures^^and the rings are so nice.