Sunday, June 14, 2009

Dear fellow bloggers,

Visit my blogshop to engaged in my service. Since i am not working now, I'm trying to earn a bit of cash from shopping service in order to open my own real shop by end of the year. My dream is to own a shop selling pet clothings and items. I own a cocker spaniel name MOMO and love him to death, he is the one that inspired me to set up my new shop coz i love to see him wear his outfit, and also in order to have more time for him. With no further income i may have to start finding jobs in order to make my dreams come true if my blogshop business is poor so if you guys are shopaholic, or know friends who wants to buy items from Asia, engaged in my service, intro them to my blog service.. I promise i will do a very good job indeed. I need words of mouth to pass the message, thanks my fellow bloggers !

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Stephanie meiyu said...

he's sooooooooo cute! I have a cocker spaniel too, but he doesn't like to wear anything.

DarlingSummer said...

Hi Stephanie

Really?? Momo is ok with it,maybe since young i have been wearing it for him..He got many clothes...would love to see your cocker spaniel photos too.. :)