Thursday, June 4, 2009

Cure The natural aqua gel

(Ta da...The Amazing product)
(Just one small drop)(After giving it a circular massage gently,see how my dead skin come off)

Another product i am using twice a week, its called the "CURE Natural Aqua Gel", SGD$38 for 250g. A very popular product in Japan, claims to exfoliate skin and give better penetration of your daily regime products even for those who has sensitive skin. It gently remove layers of dry, dead or rough skin to obtain clear, firm and ideal skin.When i first start using this product, it gives me red and raw patches on my cheek but i realize i rub my skin too hard with this, claims in the product "CAUTION" that do not rub skin too hard. After the 2nd attempt with gentle massaging no more redness develop.

Nature Aqua Gel Cure is formulated with natural ingredients that are gentle to your skin and is suitable for all skin type. It softens the top layer and gently removes the dead skin cells from your skin. It aids in removing dead and old skin cells.With continued usage, it helps to prevent blackheads and reveal a brighter, firmer and smoother skin.

Best thing i like about this product is that its Non-scented, color free, no preservatives and no animal testing. 91% of the ingredient is made of water.

Bad thing about this product "FOR THOSE WHO WANTS TO GET ONE OF THIS" :
~Recommended to finish product within 6 months.
~Do not use this product when your skin has problems (irritation, rash, swelling, cuts)
(as stated behind the product)

Watch this link for better understanding of this product and ways of using it:


Crissy said...

Ooh I need some of this for my face lol

e. said...

I want to try this!! So sad, I cant find anywhere that sells this online! :\

DarlingSummer said...

If u need me to buy it and send it over for u let me know..i will go out and search this for u and see if its still available.