Friday, June 5, 2009

Goodbye my "beloved wisdom tooth"

I totally got no mood to blog much today coz i am in pain, i just went through wisdom tooth extraction on the right. The pain is enough to kill.. OMG!!! At first it was so numb till i totally cant feel my lips,right cheek all the way to the right ear and when the numbness wear off the pain creep in and thats the time whereby i have to run and grab my painkiller, my cheek still swell due to the operation now..if it isn't because the tooth decay i won't want to go through the extraction.. good thing is after removal of tooth my cheek seems to look a bit slimmer (my left wisdom tooth was removed few years back and my cheek is slimmer than the right cheek, check the photos of my previous entry to see the difference), Hahaha.. But is it because of my imagination or what?.. Instruction given is to have cold compress for these few days, complete the course of antibiotics, try to take more ice cream to help subside the swelling and reduce the pain (i love this part best), and to go back for removal of stitches on the 7th day.Hope my pain will go away tomorrow. :(

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