Thursday, June 4, 2009

Black heads?

Hey Summer is back with another good product, i always have problem with black head over my nose and chin, until i discover this amazing little thing call "Tsururi Deep Cleansing Cream with Hyaluronic Acid", made in Japan. Its a cleansing cream that melts away stubborn sebum plugs and roughness to reveal smooth skin. Hyaluronic acid power leaves skin moisturized and Tsuri is a melting cream to help clogged pores. After using, my blackheads get lesser (impossible to disappear completely after one use) and my nose look like a light bulb so shiny! :)

Instruction given is :
Without lathering, massage in a circular motion for 60sec over problematic areas with blackheads,roughness like nose,chin and forehead.(After applying you will feel the warm sensation that the gel turn into oil to work on your problematic areas)

Before using:
Remove makeup and dry your face before use

Things to take note:
Thermal ingredient may cause nail polish to whiten and peel off. Avoid contact with eyes and using around eye area and lastly stop if irritation occurs.

How it works:
The thermal ingredient open up pores and mixes with the impurities and melt it away.Adhering ingredients get rids of skin impurities too.
End results:
After rinsing it off, feel the tightened,moisturized and smooth pores over your skin.


simpliizity said...

I would like to try this product. Where did you buy it?

DarlingSummer said...

I bought it in Watson store.I cant remenber how much i spend on it think less than SGD$30.

DarlingSummer said...

Hey Simpliizity, i check out the price,its $18.50