Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Beauty Talk OxyMask!!

(OxyMask & OxySolution facial wash)
(The mask sheet)
(Me trying out the mask sheet)
(See the bubbles develops from the gel)
(Cover the whole face and disappearing)
(After use)

Recommend you guys these beauty products called "BEAUTY TALK OXYMASK", I went to SaSa few months back,think in Feb,and discovered this products from Taiwan. In Sasa they are showing this Woman Queen videos, hubby ask me to watch and buy it to give it a try and see of it really works. Love it!! Its quite pricey but for a good product, worth it as it deeply cleansed our our skin , hydrating, firming, anti-aging and give radiance.. Pump out about a small amount of gel and gently massage in circular onto your face. Then, the OxyMask gel will turn into bubbles (as it contains oxygen). Wait until the bubble is disappear (approximately 5 ~ 10minutes) this will cause a bit of ticklish, then rinsed off your face with water. After that apply the toner/moisturizer/eye cream or any form of your facial regime and your face will easily absorb those skincare products. U can use the product every other 2 days or 2 to 3 times a week. My skin feels softer and more radiance after using it,pores appear smaller too.. Heart it so much

The main ingredient is called "Perfluorodecalin". It can be penetrate deep into your skin by using Liposome bio-technology and replenish the oxygen instantly. Other active ingredients to help remove dead skin cell, brighten up and firm up skin.

This is the youtube link for the demo in Ladies First Show, really can see instant result! :

I don't really fancy the facial wash much as it doesn't not foam up and giving me the feeling that its not cleaning my face well enough, but the sales person keep emphasizing that it will absorb and wash away all the makeup on the face without the need of makeup remover. I don't quite believe.

Oxymask 50mls(one size)
Facial foam 110mls(one size)
Oxymask sheet (content Q 10)


e. said...

I've been trying to look for that Oxymask for a long time! :( I really want to try it after watching Nu Ren Wo Zui Da show! But sadly cannot find it anywhere online! I even tried they don't have it :(
You make me want to try it even more now since you said you like it :(
How much does it cost??

DarlingSummer said...

Its common here,and i think its about $98 or $89..

rae630 said...

sounds/looks interesting! so many products out there i haven't heard of! thank you for sharing!!!

Audrie said...

oooo how cool!! Your skin looks SO radiant afterwards I want to try this!

DarlingSummer said...

To Audrie: hehe..thanks,it is a real good skin feel softer too,you should give this product a try,2 THUMBS UP

DarlingSummer said...

To Rina: Welcome dear,love to share good products with friends out here..

Quyen said...

can i buy these products if i were to live in america or is just overseas people can buy this product?

Summer Darling said...

@ Quyen,
Any people can buy this product..just let me know and i will help u send this over.Will first check the price for you :)