Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Mini shopping

(somehow i will make this rose be part of my head)
(My naked face and the moth)
(See how big he/she is)
(Upclose look of him/her)
(What a pair of big eyes he/she has)
(I make a rose out of the pink ribbon)
(The smell is so addictive)
(My ribbons and laces for hair accessories)
(Total purchases for the day)
(The beads and flowers for my camera)

See what i bought today in Chinatown!! Some ribbons for making some hair accessories , some flowers and beads for my camera.. Hope can decorate my new camera with it to make it more girlish. My friend bought me a hair thickifier/energizer/stylizer call "Small Talk" by BED HEAD TIGI. The smell is heavenly like grape, guess i will use it whenever i finish my bath. Will upload my camera new look once its done up.
One last thing before i head off to bed..i saw a moth standing outside my window, i had a shock, its hugh, guess what?! i stay in 34th storey high and still this moth is able to fly so high up. I salute to it!!


~tHiAmErE~ said...

i like that laces..
especially for hair accessories..

it makes a girl look all feminine & soft!

Christine said...

you make your own hair accessories?? that's so awesome! Thanks for stopping by on my blog! I'll definitely be following yours

DarlingSummer said...

To ~tHiAmErE~:

Yep i love the ribbons and laces,there are tons more but since i am still new to laces and ribbons,therefore buy a few for trying out first,once succeeded will buy more.hehe..thanks for popping by my blog!Thank you

DarlingSummer said...

To Christine:
Yep i am thinking of ways to create hair accessories out of this ribbons and laces,not something pro but something good enof to be wore out to the street,hahaha..keep following my blog sweetie..thanks for popping by!will follow yours too.