Sunday, June 21, 2009

Beauty marks

(Beautiful japanese model Lena Fujii, love her moles!!! so cute)
(My eye shadow done)(Top Faux lashes & individual lashes at bottom )
(All makeup done)
(Curl my extensions)

(I act kawaii,sorry!!)
(I added 3 beauty marks)
(Obvious to see the marks?)
(I use Etude house eyeshadow)
(Can't see me but somehow i love this picture)
(Start to remove my extension and makeup)

Hi guys, just wanna share with you guys that beauty marks can be applied on your makeup whenever you feel like it. See what I've done...hahaha.. 3 beauty marks at one go.. I imitate a beautiful Japanese model which u can see her often in most japanese magazine and i love her cute moles, its so unique. Since i can't own it, i imitate it just for fun.. Guess what? I spend 2 hours doing the dolling up, including makeup and curl my hair including "extension"( the old extension i left behind for quite some time). To some makeup pro it may take only 20 mins, and the best part is i did this makeup just for photo taking at 1.30am..i know I'm crazy, now i am in bed typing this blog..LOL.. Hope you guys like my look..Shh...with this look i took 200 over photos. Crazy is the word that describe myself now.
I tried on this look using my new Etude House blusher and eyeshadow. I dislike this lashes coz it make my eye look so sleepy and droopy, i'm not gonna buy this brand again coz it doesnt suit me at all. :( My hubby say i am the bigger version of that model (of course not pretty like her,how i wish,sigh...). And guys d
o you like my look ?


Sassy Jadore said...

You look so cute and you got dressed up for the part. I like the bow and your floral dress, which pulls it altogether. =)

rae630 said...

You look sooooo cute! I like how your eyes look with the lashes. Looks dreamy!

DarlingSummer said...

Hahaha..Rina i find that i look so sleepy in those lashes..hahha.they are heavy,long and droppy..

Hi Sassy Jadore, thanks for the compliments..i just dig in my closet to see what i can wear to match the look..hahaha...