Sunday, June 21, 2009


(Without flash, these 3 dragonfruits)(With flash, the fold resemble the scale of a dragon)(After cutting open the fruits)
(Can peel them out of the skin, yummy)

Hey guys! Not sure if you guys tasted these fruits before. Its called the dragon fruits, those i bought are from malaysia, which they have red flesh.. if those from Vietnam are white in flesh.. both taste sweet and the seeds taste like kiwi fruits, only differences is kiwi fruits are a bit sour. Hope you guys like my new intro ,hahaha..


rae630 said...

I've never tried them.

DarlingSummer said...

They are sweet,but if those not ripe,it will be slightly tasteless.over all quite nice coz they are juicy..

Suzi said...

ah I LOVE dragon fruit but Lychess and mangos are my absolute fave =)

DarlingSummer said...

I love mangoes too!!! Thailand pineapples are super duper sweet!

Dana Yoshimizu said...

I've never tried dragonfruit before. It looks interestings though

DarlingSummer said...

Hi dana yoshimizu,
Try it if u have these there!! u may love it