Saturday, June 20, 2009

What are u interested in?

Hmm..due to lost of my photos in Hard disk, i am still upset over it. Sigh... now trying to let my sadness go, hubby said to give him a week to sort out how to bring the HD back to life, if not he will engaged someone pro to solve it.

Anyway life still goes i wanna find out what you guys wants to know about me? Want me to blog about? interested in? I will try to blog whatever u guys wanna know...leave a comment or leave a message in my chat box yah.. Think i will blog about my normal routine for my skin care that i do twice a week soon if you guys are interested.


Dana Yoshimizu said...

I hope you don't mind me saying, but what about blogging about something more personal :) So that we can get to know you a little bit better, like tell us a bit about yourself. I just say thing because it's nice to get to know the blogger behind the makeup. To me it's always interesting to find more stuff about people that I'm following ^__^

Well I hope you have a good weeked hun

DarlingSummer said...

Sure!!! really thanks for the comment and feedback...ok ok i will blog about myself more but i really don't know what are the things u all like to know about me coz i'm afraid you will fall asleep while reading ,LOL..will try to blog on my daily life yah..thanks so much hun!


rae630 said...

Daily life! Interested how life is in Singapore! Makes me think about my blog. I think I should be more personal, too.

DarlingSummer said...

okok,will update about my life in singapore,take more photos of the places of interest in singapore