Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Plain jane is who i am

Frankly speaking i am not someone who is good at makeup or someone who go out with makeup often, i leave my house face naked, i don't really know much about it thou. A plain Jane is who i am , but in no doubt i love to purchase new items that is on the shelf , recommend items, beautiful items, cute items, colourful items but seldom even use them... Thats me.. But here i am learning about makeup and trying to master the skills of painting pots and pots of colours on my face. Haha.. U girls must be thinking, hey which girl or woman doesn't make up before they head out.. and that person is me...*grin*, i hate the feeling of getting sweaty with my makeup on every single day (28 degree to 33 degree ). I envy those who really makeup well and transform immediately to someone so pretty, i want to be like them too, In chinese there is a saying "In this world there are no ugly woman but lazy woman." Don't you find it true?

I used to try apply compact powder ,loose powder or even foundation but seems like my skin doesn't like all of them,once i remove the powder my face, it start to develop patches and patches of rash which i hate most, so ugly!!! Therefore i stop using any foundation or any form of powder on my face,until something wonderful invented = BB cream (no allergy noted after apply), i like!!

My personal philosophy:

Full makeup means = My moisturizer + BB cream + blusher + eye liner (black and white) + faux lashes + mascara for lower lashes + lip gloss (depends on time allowance i might throw in eye shadows which is a recent learned items)

Natural look with makeup = moisturizer + Sunblock(i recently bought it) + Blusher + Mascara on both top and lower lashes

Favourite look = No make up on

Most of the time i go with natural look or favourite look,unless i am in the mood for some "artist fun",then i will start to paint my face.. i strongly believe that "woman are born a painter"!!

Think u guys will love this gifted artist,go view:


rae630 said...

I love the last quote! Women born painters.

DarlingSummer said...

Hhehe..thanks,glad u believe in that too..hahaha