Monday, May 25, 2009

My favourite Tu Tu Kueh

My all time favourite snacks ,its a steamed compressed rice flour or glutinous flour, with either sweet peanuts filling or coconut fillings, yummy... cost of the snacks depend on where you buy it ..some selling 3 for $1 (example in Jurong west hawker center),they start their business at 4pm, they share the same store selling wanton mee in the morning, in pasam malam some selling 5 for $2.50.In detail explanation of this snacks refer to my link that i've found:

**the nails belong to me,my DIY bling bling nail..hehehe


rae630 said...

AH!!! Looks so good! You're making me hungry!!! I need to go and buy snacks now!!! haahaha <3

DarlingSummer said...

oops!!sorry,hahahaha..enjoy your snack girl