Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I want this colour for my car

My only wish is to own a car in this colour once i pass my driving, never seems to forget in till now.Was in Paris and we went to a car show along Champs-Élysées ..i fell in love with this car..Isn't it sweet?, i love the shape of the white one thou (4th picture).. Who knows i might pyscho my hubby to paint spray our current car from green to pink,thats when i get my driving licence. Hehehehe..oh and the last one is a newly invented vehicle..don't really know what is it call. The one with wood colour is Antique.


rae630 said...

YAY! I SEE LV NEVERFULL!!! and the best paper shopping bag ever!!! hahaha!!! I would love a pink car! hello kitty car!!! hahaha. I have a green civic, so I tried to make everything Kerroppi, but I got lazy. hahaha.

DarlingSummer said...

haha..i had a green car too,what a coincidence,tot of printing the "happy tree friends" character before too but abort the idea...haahaha..if not i think i will be the only "colourful" car on road in singapore..hahaha