Friday, May 29, 2009

Old items ,New look

I had this camera bling up like last year but it seems that the pink beads drop off quite a few, therefore i brought it out to paste it back again. I had my "Vaio" wording bling it up too..nice?? Oh i bought a Hello Kitty casing for my purple PSP too..


rae630 said...


Tamara said...

I like the thing you did with your PSP and laptop! It's actually really nice! Bling bling ;)

KawaiiFallenStar said...

loving all the crystals:D so kawaii.

Thank your for following..
Keep blogging :D..

The lilly allen song is stuck in my head now lols

Shan xxx

DarlingSummer said...

To KawaiiFallenStar: Thanks for adding too!!! and mean time enjoy lily allen songs,i love her songs and her accent.Hugz!

DarlingSummer said...

To Tamara: Thanks for the compliment dear..Lets bling the things up around us,LOL.My hubby is afraid that i will Bling up the whole house one day.Hope you enjoy my blog.Hugz!