Saturday, May 30, 2009

This is the Hair holder

Sorry,don't mean to scared the wit out of you with my unglam and unpro eye makeup...just want to recommend this fringe holder,a velcro, its light, very cheap and comes in many colours (pink,red,black) and it almost weightless. Just paste it on the part of the hair that you want to hold it, and it will stick there nicely, not painful at all when removal and it doesn't change the shape of your hair. Best preparation before doing makeup or washing your face. Try it if you have any stores that sell this..

(Oh,by the way i tried 2 different colours of eye shadows on both different eyes, sorry,i know its ugly, but thats the only photo i have with the fringe holder on my head, hehehe...)

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rae630 said...

Thank you for showing me!!! Yes! I was looking for this holder but I haven't seen it at the stores nearby. They sell them online, right? By the way, I like the light blue eyeshadow look! Thank you! U R A SWEETIE!!!