Thursday, May 28, 2009

I miss my Trevi Fountain in Rome

I happen to through Youtube and discover Bon Jovi music video call " Thank you for loving me" filmed in Rome , Trevi fountain (Fontana di Trevi)it brought back my memories of Rome... I remember that's the first stop i went after checking in my luggage,oh yes,did i mention that i travel from London to Rome ALL BY MYSELF? One of the place i want to visit or should i say a place i want to see before i die. The moment i reach there i feel like crying,it touched me in a way that my dream comes to reality, i finally got to see Trevi the beautiful fountain. Since i travel alone there,no one to share my joy, hahaha..but i manage to get one elderly man to help me take photos,he is ssssooooo kind, he's like "sure! go over there,smile",he took 2 different shots for me and he is like "Ok? want some more?" Isn't he a sweet thang.. After taking many many different views and shots of Trevi fountain and tons of self cam whoring ,i went to buy myself a Gelato.yummy!! I am sure u guys will woo and ahh over the different flavors of the Gelato ,all nicely decorated with the fruits (mainly to indicate the flavours of the Gelato).. Of course not fogetting Spanish steps (Branded shopping areas, where all the branded shops located), St. Peter Basillica, Pantheon, The colosseum, Castel Sant'Angelo...wish i will go there again,great chance of meeting and knowing new friends.

Sorry there are more pictures but doubt i can put it all up..


rae630 said...

ahhhh!!! I hope to go there someday!!!! Lovely pix!!!!

DarlingSummer said...

Thanks honey.u will get to go there one day!