Thursday, September 1, 2011

I am back to blogging !!!

See how fat i am before i head out for my trip
My face is triple the size of my mum
Round is my face
Back after 2 months, finally can fit into this dress that used to sit in my closet

Back to play with my cosmetic
Finally home sweet home with a more define face
Taken before i come back from Paris
In Paris
Everything fits makes me super happy with my body
Even thou i am not thin but i am happy with my current look

Hi guys, so sorry that i have been away from blogging for months and i am so sorry about it. If u have been following my blog u will know that i have been travelling. Seriously i am heavily addicted to travelling all my life. Not sure if u guys are interested but if u do, continue to follow me coz i will be posting pictures and pictures of places i have been for the past months. And yes i have been to Sydney (Australia) just 2 weeks ago and stayed there for 12 days. Loving the things, people, places, animals i saw and met in all the places i've been... and the interesting story about the weird people i encounter during my trip in Europe.. So stay tuned my lovely ladies... The happiest thing from this Europe trip is*drum roll*== i lost 10kg within 2 months. Did u see the difference in me? And do u like the new me?


pamgotcrazy said...

Wow! Congratulations! I hope you can give me tips on how to lose weight. I'm struggling with my weigh. HUHUHU! I'm so depressed because of it. :-(

kalai said...

you look great in the white dress xx

Summer Darling said...

@Pamgotcrazy- i walk a lot everyday (8hrs and above) during my travel and didnt really have heavy meals so i think we have to be active in our daily lives and it helps.

@Kailai- thanks hun...