Monday, May 31, 2010

Hosting= new friends :)

He gave us this tea as appreciation for hosting him here

We clip the post card he gave us on our fridge
So sweet
A post card he bought on his previous destination-Sydney before coming to Singapore
Myron our new friend from UK
Before Myron depart
Goodbye Myron,really nice to have u here with us for 2 days
Bon Voyage

To all my readers,

To those that have been reading my blog, u guys know that i am going for my backpacking trip early next year BUT i might forward my trip to this year end coz i would love to see snow (yes I've never seen snowing before) and join the Christmas celebration in western countries having Christmas dinner with my hosted family (be it in US or EUROPE).. instead of going only to Europe i might visit US too.. So if u guys would love to host me or have me around in your coach, sofa, room for a day or 2 or week, do let me know i would love love love it coz i am going on backpacking solo so that means i am on a very very tight budget, so if u have friends or people u know that can host me please do email me, will really really appreciate it... if u would love to bring/drive me around i will be really really grateful too. I am starting to plan my itinerary for US so wish me luck huns.. i cant wait to go :) My hubby is more nervous than me,so if i can prove that i can take good care of myself and provide him with the detail itinerary and plans of having people hosting me he will be relieved. Hope to hear good news from you :) I might start my trip either in US or Europe..Have a good week guys :)

To some who are curious about Myron. He is a very nice guy, a Taiwanese guy who study in UK, been to many countries and share many of his traveling experience with us. He went back to Taiwan to visit his family and went to Sydney for a few days, stop over in Singapore for 2 days before going back to UK. We host him for 2 days 1 night and we are really glad to have him here.. Such a sweet guy that we are definitely gonna miss him.Myron come back soon and i cant wait to see u in UK :)



Ken said...

that sounds fun~ i think u will figure it out when u are actually backpacking

With Love, Elle said...

wow thats very courageous of you, summers! best of luck and becareful ya hugs

xoxo elle

Mary said...

oh wow that was really nice of you guys.... where in US? come to California nice weather in winter... and if you want snow just go to big bear =)

Vanilla said...

omg i envy u!
i wish i cud go backpacking too!
but im too scared to go alone!hehe
its nice if u can meet other bloggers!!

Liliai said...

thats really cool! :)

TralalaHana said...

hmm sadly i live in and sometimes i´m really sick of snow :D but snow is best! :) so i wish you great luck in your US trip :)

Anonymous said...

nice blog :D

Diana said...

Have a great trip! I love your dress btw!