Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year Everyone

Today is our first day of chinese new year, as usual we went to our family and relatives house for visiting.. this is the kind of red packets (inside contain cash) we give to relatives and friends that are not married as a form of blessing (the above red packets is given to me by my hubby), hehehe... As you can see my nails, its my first time doing this type of gel nail in french and of course not forgetting some nail art to bling them up.. i love the ribbons so much much much.... i am going to bling more of my nails.. hehehe... so do you guys love my look of the day? All i buy is accessories and a hair pin/brooch to change my look.. i know i have not been posting up my photos recently due to laziness.. sorry sorry... So how do i look after so long after disappearing,any difference?


Suzi said...

Happy new year sweeti! hope you've been well, looking gorge per usual =) xx

Lu said...

Happy Chinese New Year :D xXx

Vanilla said...

yeay happy CNY!
i lvoe ur top!!

Lulu said...

Happy Chinese new year sweetie! Love your nails, I love the bow details on them :)

Thanks so much for your congratulations <3

Anonymous said...

Happy Chinese New Year! Love the bow ribbon nails!!! And you look super cute =P

audrey said...

your nails are so cute! you're very talented :)
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