Sunday, December 6, 2009

Surprise Present from workplace

Novemeber babies from my workplace
Me and my cute ginger bread man
I do not bear to eat it
Ginger bread man and me with a big smily face

Went for the company dinner on Monday (30 November), was surprise that they bought the November babies (total) a cake and each of us received a present that is a ginger bread man from cute right the ginger bread man...i was surprise to be part of it coz i am just a part timer in the company and they treat me so well. I've been working there for almost 3 months now and i love every staff there, they are so friendly and teach me a lot of things. i learn a lot from them. Even though i am slow in learning and adapting and not clever but i am glad that they are patience with me,some times i do feel bad that i have to keep asking them about things (i confess i have super bad memory,and i forget things real fast) .I am just worried that i will disappoint them if they have high expectation of me.I pray hard every day before i sleep that i can meet their expectations and do well in my task.Even new staff learn faster than me,i find that i am sort of useless.But overall i love this new job coz its flexible and i've made a lot of new friends there :)

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rae630 said...

Cute cookies!! I wouldn't want to eat them either! I'm happy you love your new job! I'm trying to find another position right now. Wish me luck! Miss you!! <3 Rina