Saturday, December 5, 2009

A little confession

Photo taken yesterday pre -treatmentPhoto taken post treatment today

Hmmm how should i start with this..i am someone who is curious about new products so i never fail to have the urge to try them and i often be the first person among friends to try out new things.So this time i try out something i've been curious for the longest time.Make a guess what i did this time.

I went for IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) treatment yesterday (4 november), yeh..i am so excited to share it with you guys. My friend had sudden breakout over her face so i suggest her to go to this clinic to try out, i am super impress by the friendly staff there who offer to give us all the information we want to know and also provide us with the suitable suggestion. one thing i like about them is there are no snobbish staff which make us super comfortable there, they do not pester us to sign package,they do not pressure us to sign treatment on the spot and they do not pester me to buy they products,they really only recommend accordingly to your needs. This make me wanna received my first treatment from there.After speaking to the beauty consultant there, we went to see the Dr for consultation before proceeding with the treatment. Since i am paying for the consultation fee i might as well ask more questions and clear my doubts about IPL, RF and Botox.

In the end after spoken and clarify my doubt, i op for another treatment that is BOTOX!!! Yes i just say will take effect in 2 months time and i cant wait to see a smaller i notice slightly brighter skin due to the IPL, my pores are smaller and i look a lot more radiant,now i know why so many girls go for such treatment.For botox, The process is a bit painful (even though they apply numbing cream for 20 mins but it still hurts when the injection is being jab into the skin and when the med spread into the muscle (u can totally feel it) but after that i don't feel any pain.The disadvantage thing is i am not suppose to chew on chewy food to prevent the muscle build up again. Overall its bearable. IPL is much more comfortable,when they induced the light onto the skin u feel a bit of a warming sensation and it last about 15 mins.Instructions given is not to use harsh products these few days and to remember to use sunblock.

Hhehehee... Above is 2 photos that i took yesterday and today so can you spot any difference or there is none? Leave a comment,would really love to know..thanks .Hope you guys have a good day. :)

For more information about IPL : please click here
For more information about Botox: please click here


rae630 said...

You are brave!!! I'm so chicken to try skin treatments! I don't even want to get a facial! hahaha. Your skin looks brighter and more radiant in the second picture. You look so refreshed!!
<3 Rina

Vanilla said...

i cant really tell from the picture !hehe
maybe less oily?LOL
and ur skin is brighter!
wow u r so brave !thanks god it works !hehe

sizbelle said...

wow summer, you are really brave for botox... i would probably freak out seeing the needles... but the IPL does attract me!

which one you went and whats the price range...

Kasia_B said...

Wow Summer!!
Im going to check IPL, cuz it sounds great. I wanna make my pores smaller!!
I can't really tell the difference from the picture. Maybe it's brighter.
Thank you so much for sharing! It's very interesting post.