Saturday, October 10, 2009

Review of my kose mask white

My clean face before i start my mask
This is the 1 i am using
Sorry for the thin application, a bit messy on my fingers
My peeled off dried mask
My skin appears smoother (i haven't wash my face)

Time for some little review of this Seikisho Kose white mask (from Japan), even though its written as white mask but its a black paste which i covered a layer on my face, waited about 15 to 20mins till it dries before i peel it off.. so far my pain threshold is good so removal of the dry mask is not painful for me, but i've seen review saying that they will never want to use it again.. i swear, its not so bad *wink,thrust me"* But so far i did not see any blackheads attached to the dried mask but still it leaves my face smooth and bright. i give it a score of 8 out of 10. i guess this tube only last after 4 to 5 application coz it needs a thick layer, sorry that the above pictures shows it a little too thin (its my first time applying it so i did not know i need to apply it thicker.)

Stated on the package:
  • This black mask helps increase clarity and add radiance to your skin. It unclogs pores to help reduce black pores. This mask helps remove dirt and impurities to thoroughly clean skin and enhance translucency of your skin
  • It adheres closely to the skin surface and lifts away dullness with a mild tingling sensation.Remove the mask to reveal a glowing,smooth complexion
  • Formulated with Oriental Herb Extract
  • It smells really good (i am addicted to this smell)
  • After using my face appears bright, clean and smooth
  • Its painful to peel if off (due to facial hair)
  • Its consider pricey for a small tube (75mls) sgd$35
  • It only last about 4 to 5 application (my estimation)
  • Its a bit messy when applying (paste very sticky)
  • Most of the paste sticks to the finger during application
  • Do not drip on clothes


freshelle said...

this masks look so i wanna try..but the peeling off and sticking to facial hair sounds painful... :S
btw, love the song uhave on ur page!

Sarah Faves said...

Hi Summer :)
Nice post! i am also using the Kose Seikisho Mask White.
Really love the whole Kose Sekkisei range!! xoxo

amynaree said...

hi summer you have great skin! do you use any kind of eye cream? i'm looking for a good eye cream for my fine lines :(

Vanilla said...

painful is the advantage?hehehe

Emily said...

wah!! summer thanks so much for reviewing i always been eyeing that , ive been wanting to buy it for like forever but lol its too expensive, but thanks so so much for reviewing!!

Anonymous said...

thanks for visiting my blog!

I love this review! It's very detailed and easy to follow. Love the picture that accompanies the review as well!

I wish I could try this peel out, but I have no access to Asian products where I live...

Summer Darling said...

@ Vanilla- of course its an advantage! coz it helps to remove facial hair at the same time.great deal...hahaha..

@ Anna- i can help u send out some if u want.if not u can try and see if they have it

@ Emily- u are welcome hun,glad it helps :)

@ Amynaree- hi hun,oh no i didnt use any eye cream,except for the garnier eyeroll.But in fact i am eyeing the estee lauder eye cream called "Time Zone" now as well as their day cream

@ Freshelle-haha..its a bit painful but its still pain no gain darling..hahaa

@ Sarah Faves- i am starting to love their range too :)

With Love, Elle said...

gr8 review! ive used this b4, but since i was not a fan of peeling, i stopped after my 1st tube. summers u r rite about 4-6 application ^^ quite pricey i reckon. but i do feel my skin is cleaner :)
xoxo elle

sheri amor said...

black mask that's cool :)

Kalmo said...

Great review Summer! I want to try the Kose whitening line later in life, it's so expensive. haha The packaging is pretty though. :)