Thursday, October 8, 2009

Estee Lauder workshop

Are u ready for introduction ladies?
A peek to the beautiful palette i grab today
My purchases of the daySee whats inside the whole box (worth $700)Spacious makeup suitcase
What i own from Estee Lauder
Advanced night repair (apply twice a day-am & pm)
4 gorgeous full size lipsticks
Comes free with the first 100 customers that paid using credit card
(its like 2 weeks back)
The whole collection in a bag
Comes free when u book for the workshop
Tester on the table during workshop
See the event,they even talk about bras
The set up of the workshop
Big event that takes up the atrium of the mall

Today i went for the Estee Lauder workshop (after my driving lesson) and i am 100% happy with their workshop, staffs (super professional,approachable and friendly) and love love their products.. I am much happier with this workshop compare to the Bobbi brown i've been about 2 month ago (the BB staff are pushy, they expect u to buy more than the redeemable amount, 1 of the SA is so rude when i went back to change an item, which i wrote in a complaint letter to their headquarter, till now they never get back to me, i dont want to rant what happen here..too long story). The stuff i redeem for is a advanced night repair seems like a fabulous product so i top up another $30 for it (price sgd$130). i guess its worth it coz the SA told me that this bottle can last me up to 5 months, coz each time its about 2 drops to be applied onto the entire face, i guess its sort of a good deal. since i paid $100 for the workshop i am entitle to purchase The whole collection of the cosmetic at sgd$108 ( the whole collection is worth $700).Tell me how can i say "NO?!" this time. i told my hubby that with this collection i guess i can stop buying anymore cosmetic for many years.coz these on top of what i own can last me the rest of my life (providing that they do not have an expiry date *wink*).. hahaha.. (please do click on the picture for larger image) This makeup cosmetic collection comes in 2 different color pouch,red (which i own) and white. The items inside are the same except for the color of the eye shadows (mine is more of the pastel bright colors, and the white collection eye shadows are more of the earthy color like brown and stuff. :)


Kell said...

wow you got so much amazing stuff! i am truly jealous :) have fun with everything, im sure you will!


abby said...

im not a huge fan of estee lauder, but i remember last christmas this set came out and i fell in love with it. the colors were so amazing nicely pigmented worth the money!

amynaree said...

great stuff! the lipsticks look really pretty

adin_22 said...

I like to buy estee lauder cuz' there are always some freebies....:D

jess ♥ said...

very nice :)

jennifer said...

That is A LOT of stuff!

Dylana said...

WOW! You got all that stuff!

Lovely blog!

May said...

Wow...very amazing collection. That's a lot of makeup:)

aniiita89 said...

nice stuff you got :)
the lipsticks look soo pretty

Sherry said...

how much is it there? here must buy $230 then top up $220 to get the set

twinsouls888 said...

whoah that's a lot of great stuff. I love the lippies, sooo pretty colors ^_^

Marta y Hiro said...

I like your make up :)

Summer Darling said...

@ kell- thanks hun..i think i am in love with the makeup set from estee lauder will do a fotd later :)

@ Marta y Hiro,twinsouls88,aniiita89,jess,jennifer,amynaree,- thanks hun :)

@abby- they are so worth it.will do a fotd with their product later :)

@Adin_22- its my first time buying their product but i can forsee that i will get more things from them in the near future :)

@Sherry- Oh the workshop is SGD$100,top up another SGD$108 for the whole set :)

Kaylee said...

wow I'm so envious of what you have o.o so many^^