Thursday, September 10, 2009

Announcing the arrival of EMMA'S package

My package arrivesI have it in my hands, EMMALet's peep inSo many goodies!! OMG1 more magnet to be added in my collectionSee how cute it isMy first barry M cosmetic!!
Love the lipsticks
My favorite color
Even the candies are cuteSee how cute they are..
My hubby and i have fun with it.he love his new dentures
I love my mini tooth too

I nearly died of joy when i saw my hubby come home from work yesterday. Ahemm not because i miss him but because he is holding a big package in his hand..LOL.. i know it belongs to me (he always have the habit of opening the mail box before he come home). I didn't realize that this package will reached me in such a short period of time, right Emma? EMMA this sweet lady is from UK and please check out this beautiful lady,u will love her as much as i do. I send my package off a day or 2 earlier than her but she haven't received it. Emma hope you like what i added in for u. Remember earlier i am selling my bobbie brown items off in my previous post some time ago? Emma was so sweet to get the concealer from me so i told her to do a swap and here i am with her big package.. I am super duper happy and i love love any single thing she got me!!! The only thing is all the chocolate she send me melts but i keep them in the fridge to harden they.. I'm gonna go have my chocolate now.. Thanks EMMA!!!

Things she got me which i ask for:
* Barry M lip paint
in 147 (peachy pink) and 101 (marshmellow)
* Barry M dazzle Dust in 94 (Teal) and 20 (baby blue)
* Body shop mango shower gel and mango body butter
* London magnet
* Shower bath ball (the 1 in orange color)
* Chocolates and candies (one of the chocolate is from a posh store)
* A post card of where she stay (beautiful)
* A Hello Kitty letter

Thanks thanks so much Emma once again for such lovely things u got me *maucks*


twinsouls888 said...

yay what a nice swap ^_^

Sherry said...

haha... so funny the gum tooth :)

Anonymous said...

wow nice:)
im jealous hehehe

amynaree said...

nice Barry M Lippies!

♥ 珊珊 Kawaii Kuromi ♥ said...

haha cute funny pic with the gummy sweets :3
N yeh always strikes here.. But hopefully it wont effect my area.
Lols yes crazy.. but in a good way XD
Shan xx

adin_22 said...

how nice of her.....haha...the teeth candies looks so funny on both of u...

Shopn'Chomp said...

Lovely package!

*~kAy~* said...

nice! i've always wanted to try barry m products :)
haha! love your teeth pics! haha :P so cute :P

Emily said...

wah~ such great stuff u got!!!

so lucky

haha u and your hubby r so cute

luv those candies :D ahaha its so cute

Summer Darling said...

The candies are so so cute and thats when me and my hubby start playing with it to take photos..hahaha.i am lucky to won Barry M. stuff

Emma said...

Yay Summer, so glad you like everything! I should have guessed that the chocolate would melt... I received your package today! Thanks for the swap I love it. I will blog soon. xxxx