Monday, August 24, 2009

My volunteer work today

Me helping with BP,weight,height and hypocount checking
Volunteers with elderly patients
Handrub and blood sugar checking gadgets
Me with my usual sleepy look

This is a short blog on what i did today... Went to a chinese free clinic (Tze chi clinic) to help out the patients and practitioners at 8.30am. Had fun and but most importantly is to spread the love and to give what we can to help others. I believe in karma and i believe in helping people that is less fortunate than us. Giving out a bit of the shopping time to help out in charity work or volunteer work gives me lots more satisfaction (sometimes we think too much about ourself and forget about others that need more help from us). For the oncoming day i will be doing more of volunteer works coz other than trying to be beautiful on the outside i am trying to captivate myself to be beautiful on the inside too.. we can spend tons of money on makeup (when we don't even need it) but to these elderly they can do so much for their meals each day, so i am trying to balance and to weight what is more important. So let's spread and share some love to the rest of the world.. :)


rae630 said...

so sweet of you! <3 Rina

Kalmo said...

I really liked this post Summer! I volunteer on the weekends at the children's YMCA and I think it's great you are helping people. I admire you a lot! :) You look lovely in the uniform as well!

Summer Darling said...

Hi Kalmo, Its my own shirt that was given by my hospital 2 years back. wow..i didnt know u help out during weekend,thats really nice of you too. :)

Hi Rina, its a small part i can help out to help them :)

Sherry said...

so sweet :)

Emily said...

summer, your so nice and aweet

volunteering to help the elders

aww.....and u look very pretty as always

Summer Darling said...

thanks emily and sherry..:)