Saturday, August 22, 2009

My Bobbi Brown Workshop

My sweet girl that went to the event with meThe whole range of makeup they haveOur makeup lesson tableOur provided mealThe healthy sandwichMy fruit saladWent for lunch with my friend to a Japanese Restaurant
Our jelly drinks (Grapefruit and grape)
My Japanese seafood noodle
My total redemption (of course i spend more than what i suppose to)
Our miserable goody bag with nothing but brochures..
Isn't this miserable and cheap!! Disappointing!
The one and only free miserable small pot in the goody bag
This pretty girl posing with her lunch

Today me and my friend went for the Bobbi brown workshop, hmmm..kind of fun but also kind of like doing hardsell for their products (coz i end up redeeming things that don't suit me,sob sob).. The way they teach smoky eyes isn't fantastic either.. So i'm kind of disappointed especially their goody bag.. Did i ever mention that the goody bag given here for any events sucks?!.. Either they give vouchers (with purchase of certain amount= u have to spend more in order for the voucher to be valid) or they give miserable miniatures of tester size products as "free gift". I've seen girls in the UK go for all sort of events with real goody bags like the recent ones " the body shop event", the gifts are amazing. We went in to body shop today and i was like wow... Those girls are lucky to get those freebies that cost $19.90 for eye pencil and $28.90 for the lipsticks, each items are not cheap.

Let me know if you guys wanna buy any thing off the things i've got ( I WILL BE REALLY REALLY GRATEFUL TO YOU), let me know if u want different color coz i could change this product to the color u want,thanks. All items are new season products and price tag is still intact one box. Please browse HERE for the items.
For girls from the UK, if u don't mind i would love to do a swap with u for BARRY M products using these items.. Drop me a comment if u are interested..

Items i have:
1) Blush in Nectar 11 (*sold*)
2) Lip crayon in Posey 10 (HERE)
3) Metallic Eye Shadow in Forest 6 (HERE)
4) Creamy Concealer Kit in Sand (HERE) suitable for lighter looking dark circles( *sold*)
5) Corrector in Bisque (*sold*)


Eugenia said...

mm noodle soup looks delish!

Summer Darling said...

Hi Eugenia, is...slurp slurp...hahaha

JordanMayTwigs said...

I know how that feels about getting NOTHING in your goodie bag.
I've gone to COUNTLESS MAC promo's and seminars.
And gotten little to nothing in return.

It really sucks too when they make you pay $50.00 - $75.00 to reserve a seat.
Which is in giftcard form.
And than I can hardly buy anything with that!!
It's horrid.
And upsettting at times.

But at least you had fun!!!
And your friend is super adorable!!

Peace Love && Lipstick

Anonymous said...

the fruit salad looks drooling...mmm...

adin_22 said...

hi!!summer...too bad u got stuff u didn't like....have a nice day girl....:)

Summer Darling said...

Hi dears...haha..its a sick feeling when u cant things that u like in a workshop like things and the SA seems abit pushy for u to get the items u tried on, but still i pick out something out of nothing that interest me..hahaa..I'm wating for the stock to arrive that is the "pot rouge for lips and cheek in pale pink.i'm exchanging my blusher for that if nobody wants my blush here..

Dana Yoshimizu said...

wow that's so much Bobbi Brown! Gosh, can you believe that I don't own any? Pretty sad, hun? I just haven't been convinced enough that it's worth the price you pay because it's so expensive >_<

But that picture of the soup looks so yummy :)

Summer Darling said...

yah,i agree with yout hat their items are way to expensive.If i havent paied $150 for the workshop,i wont be redeeming their products worst,the SA "con" me into getting more stuff than $150,in the end i spend over $200 for everything..

MilknCookiie said...

Even though the goody bag stinks I would still love to attend the event. We rarely have these kinds of events here. ;_;

I've also heard about The Body Shop and Barry M events and their goody bags were absolutely drool-worthy!

♥ Milk

MEii said...

ummm...the jelly drink and noodles look so yummy... drools... lol

Emma said...

hey Summer I'm interested in your creamy concealer kit but would you be able to get it in porcelain as I have VERY light skin.
What would you like from the Barry M collection? o(^0^)o

Summer Darling said...

Hi emma...tomorrow i will get it change in porcelain for you.i would like to have some lipsticks from barry m.Are u interested in doing swapping this with me for some barry m??email me at