Sunday, August 16, 2009

My sweet cousin's wedding (15th August)

See the bride and groom in their chinese wedding costumn
Couples exchange drink
Cake cutting
Family toasting
Their lover birds as pet
Me and my shu uemura eyeliner
Me and my grandma
My brother and me with the prettiest bride and groom
My dress!!

My outfit for my cousin's wedding dinnerI love my hair color
My earring matches my skirt color
My blue eyshadow,green lower eyeliner and baby pink lips
My fav skirt, so happy to wear it

Had a really fun day at my cousin's wedding.. These both couples look so good together, handsome and pretty.. Envy them.. They have fun but tired day too.. Hope they will have lots of rest today.


Anonymous said...

aww... i wish the couple best wishes.

i like the skirt :)

Liang said...

Girl your eyes are crazy awesome huge!!! Love the look :]

Take care!

DarlingSummer said...

@ GirlWithGLasse: i will let her know your blessing! i thank you on her behalf :)

@ Liang: Thanks for the compliment i think,its my lashes that make them look hugh..hahaha

Kalmo said...

Thanks for sharing these wonderful pictures with us, I loooove weddings haha.

You look absolutely gorgeous in your FOTDs too, your eyes are sooo big and pretty. I love it all. Pretty dress too.

Emmanuel Francis. said...

Your brothers wedding day to me must be one of your happiest days in your life.
So how about you when are you getting your own marriage or are you married, tell me.
And my blogs, and and tell what to do to get such kinds of template that you used b'cos i don't like normal blogger's templates again.

DarlingSummer said...

Hey thanks Kalmo!! i love my both my outfit too..hehehe.

Hi Emmanuel Francis.this is not my brothers wedding its my cousin's wedding.As for the blog template,visit the left top corner of my blog,click on the "the cutest blog on the block
" words or

Hope it helps

Emily said...

wah~ summer you look so cute and pretty....i really love your makeup and your eyelashes are soooooooo sooooooo.....pretty! >_< also love your dress

and aww....your cousin's wedding so cute, they look great together

adin_22 said...

I always like weddings...u look so pretty in those pics....:)

Jackie said...

I think you're adorable!

best wishes to the happy couple!

KRYSTAL said...

awwww such cute pics of the wedding! and girlll i love your outfit! that skirt is too cute!

Kristin said...

Looks like a gorgeous wedding and your eyes look amazing!

DarlingSummer said...

Thanks Kristin,Krystal,Jackie,Nicola and Emily..:)

MEii said...

awww...congrats to ur cousin! they look so cute together! best wishes to them!

DarlingSummer said...

Hi MEii!! i will let her know on your behalf! :)