Friday, August 14, 2009

Ice blended avocado shake

Momo like it too
This is all u needFrom this solid form to belowMelted coconut sugar-gula melaka
Dig out AvocadoPour milk,put in ice cubes and avocadoBlend till fine and add melted brown sugarBlend again just to mix wellPour into a cupIts all ready for consumption

As i mention before, my favorite drink and currently obsess with is avocado blended.And wanna share with you guys this wonder yummy slurp slurp drink.. Beware its very filling with just one cup...but i still love the big gulp cup..slurp slurp....Super nice!

All u need is:
* Milk (fresh milk or low fat milk)
* Brown coconut sugar
* 1 Avocado
* Ice cubes


DonDon said...

aww your kitchen is so cute and pink!! ^^ seems really simple to make...but i don't really like avocado! Wish i liked it, but i just don't! >__<

K.C. said...

Momo is soooo cute and silky looking! Very cute ktichen too. Mmm your avocado shake tutorial is soooo tempting but I don't have a blender haha, good food porn though! Thanks for sharing. :)

rae630 said...

Love your kitchen color and MOMO!!! Avocado drink looks yummie!

Emily said...

aww....your dog momo is soo cute!!

hey thanks summe for your great recipe...imma go try it out, looks yummy :D

Jackie said...

hi summer, thank you for the comment on my site!

that looks so good, i love avocado shakes, too! momo is a cutie! (oops, don't let her have any avocado, it's not good for animals. ^^)

Shopn'Chomp said...

Looks delish and I can definitely tell that Momo loves it too. :)

DarlingSummer said...

Hi Jackie, i didnt give him any,so he just sit there wagging his tail..haha..

Hi Shopn'Chomp,Rina,Don Don,Emily k.c. for the sweet comments!

jennifer said...

SO YUMMY! I love advocado milkshakes and your kitchen is so cute!

Zoe said...

Looks so yummy, really want to try it one day~


OMG Avocado Ice-blended sounds sooooo yummy!
i've been making Green Tea Smoothie lately! :D

I love these shakes!

(( SKY )) said...

Pink kitchen, don't think I would ever get to have such a kitchen as much as I might like to.

Margaret said...

Thanks for the share!
I will definitely try this out.
Just looking at the pictures makes me thirsty. :D

Liang said...

Mmm looks yummy! Thanks for sharing the recipe! Where can you get that coconut sugar? I have never seen it before!

DarlingSummer said...

Hi Liang,i bought it at a local supermarket,its common to find it over here in singapore.

Hi Margaret,try it let me know if u like it.:)

Hi ((Sky))..don't worry u will find other design and color that u will like for your kitchen :)

Hi Chaigyaru, teach me how u make green tea smoothie pls :)...i love green tea frappuchino from starbuck and i would love to make it at home using your recipe

Hi zoe,u should try it...its yummy

Hi Jennifer..i would love to see a avocado tree!!